A Message From Our President

As we face the early years of the second decade of the new millennium, it is imperative that the global scientific community come together to share ideas and resources so as to allow for the planning and creation of a better future for the next generation of students, faculty, and researchers.

In the tight and competitive global markets of the 21st century, leading companies from diverse industries have embarked on all-out reorganization endeavors, mergers, alliances, and cutting-edge collaborative programs with their like-minded peers as well rivals, mainly to survive but eventually to grow.

As industry continues to evolve, academia must likewise also evolve. Nevertheless, academic organizations, scientific journal publishers, and conference organizers have been hesitant to make changes to their usual modus operandi. As the president of one of the largest and most reputable organizations of its kind in the world - ARDA, I realize that academia needs a large, coordinating consortium to bring together journal groups, professional organizations, and conferences in order to offer a global network to all every one of these entities to cooperate, share resources, mature and become more quality-driven.

Numerous conferences are held around the world each year, and some even offer authors the opportunity to publish their findings in conference proceedings. However, sadly, owing to the global recession, extensive budget cuts, and other issues, most conferences today focus on quantity rather than quality. This shouldn't cause shock since it's very expensive to hold a conference these days. As a result, many have noticed a drop in the quality of the conferences they attend each year. ARDA aims to change this very scenario through the organizing of world-class academic events that surpass the expectations of delegates and provide out-of-this-world conferencing experiences to all stakeholders, no matter what their role or field of specialization may be.

ARDA is a pioneering and unique organization in that it is also a global, multi-layered consortium of academic journals, conferences, organizations, and individuals committed to promoting excellence in all aspects of science, engineering, and technology education.