Objective of ARDA

ARDA's objective is to explore the drivers, processes and outcomes of innovation and value creation in countries, markets, industries and sectors and to consolidate the drivers that foster the innovation and the healthiest value-creating ecosystems in -

Our conferences and other endeavors are aimed at also fostering a mature conversation between leaders in these fields and industries and address the most crucial questions that the global scientific community is in need of answers for.

There is an ever-burgeoning need for high-quality research in most if not all aspects of 21st-century society. Universities are the main providers of quality research education. Quality research teaching requires the participation of both established faculty, newly appointed staff and student researchers. There is also the requirement for academia to reach out to society in general as fully as possible. As the academic sector increasingly focuses on research excellence, there is a need to provide more forums, mainly in the form of peer-reviewed conferences, for academics to exchange ideas, questions, problems, and accomplishments related to their personal research activities. These forums provide opportunities to exchange ideas, experience critiques and gain some recognition of individuals' progress towards research excellence. The more international the forums, the more effective they are. Although publication in highly rated academic journals is still the most popular form of academic communication, academic conferences have become an important outlet for research results as well as an important facilitator in achieving this goal.