Scope and Benefits

As an organization, ARDA's mission is to promote international exchange, facilitate cross-cultural awareness, encourage interdisciplinary discussions and generate and share new knowledge.

Support For Young Scholars

ARDA is devoted to aiding young scholars by helping them achieve their research and academic goals while inspiring them to implement the principles of interdisciplinary study to their craft.
ARDA offers a range of grants and scholarships covering conference registration fees to doctoral students and early career academics who would otherwise not have the financial resources to attend our academic conferences.

Extensive Journal Publication Endeavors

ARDA's online and open access journals meet the highest academic standards of international peer review and are published in accordance with ARDA's Publishing Commitment to make all of our published material available for the benefit of the scientific community.

Global Partnerships

ARDA has entered into a number of strategic partnerships with universities around the world. These academic partnerships support and nurture ARDA's goals of educational cooperation without borders, linking the organization with institutions that have an international and internationalizing profile and a commitment to interdisciplinary research.

Taking International Conferencing To New Heights

The Academic Research and Development Association (ARDA) has hosted thousands of academics at its international conferences held around the world.

ARDA promotes core values among its members and the wider higher education community, including -

international conference

ARDA promotes core values among its members and the wider higher education community, including -

  • Academic freedom, institutional autonomy and social responsibility at the local and global level;
  • Cooperation and solidarity based on the mutuality of shared interests and benefits;
  • Tolerance of dissenting opinions, absence of political interference;
  • Equity in passage and success in higher education and free access to information;
  • Scientific integrity and ethical conduct as foundations of the conduct of all stakeholders in higher education;
  • Higher education and research of general interest;
  • Quality of learning, research and awareness.