Why ARDA ?

ARDA's Mission to -

  • Promote international exchange
  • Facilitate increased intercultural awareness
  • Encourage interdisciplinary discussion
  • Actively creates beneficial results for individuals that have a positive impact on our society
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Global Significance

Different nations operate under very different economic scenarios and political constructs and yet academic pools of excellence can be discovered across the planet, formed by these very same circumstances. ARDA is devoted to providing platforms to facilitate intellectual exchange in positive environments that encourage interaction between individuals from these various nations, bringing people together, building bridges and strengthening ties between different regions of the world.

Cultural Significance

Physical and technological barriers to communication are disappearing more and more quickly, but often cultural barriers still need to be overcome for progressive academic collaborations to be facilitated. Through its conferences, ARDA offers researchers and practitioners the opportunity to interact with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, thereby developing a deeper knowledge of cultures other than their own, as well as contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the academic research as a force that celebrates both cultures and transcends cultural boundaries.

Interdisciplinary Significance

Through engagements within and across various fields, academics, students, researchers, faculty and other professionals can be exposed to innovative perspectives and create new expertise. By working with conference themes and encouraging novel approaches, ARDA's interdisciplinary events spark research partnerships and innovative programs that generate and contribute to new areas. In an evolving global and academic environment, these unique connections can help establish trans-disciplinary best practices and guides for the various issues facing academics today.