In light of the various crises that are hindering the further advancements of the domains of Engineering, Technology, and Science, throughout the world, the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICEST) endeavors to offer all professionals operating in these fields, significant perspicacity into established modus operandi, policies and procedures to resist and overcome difficulties connected to -

  • Aging Infrastructure
  • Lack Of Critical Funding
  • Constraints In The Dissemination Of Technology Expertise
  • Inadequate Curricula and Education Programs
  • Shortage In Human Capability Advancement
  • Dearth In Governmental Support & Subsidies
  • Poor Private Sector Cooperation
  • Lack Of Continuity In Prolific Research Programs
  • Excessive Bureaucratic Red Tape

To make the ICEST conference, which is programmed to take place on the 24th - 25th of June 2022, in the remarkably stunning city of Seoul, South Korea, as comprehensive an event as possible, a range of gatherings, assemblies and events such as discussions, discourses, interactive Q&A gatherings, engaging panel concourses, etc, have been planned. All these events will provide attendees the critical possibility to discover the contemporary advancements taking place in their respective disciplines as well as the different hurdles that are impeding the advancement of these domains.

Participants of the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICEST) will additionally be provided diverse occasions to -

  • Associate with domain authorities
  • Forge partnerships with field specialists
  • Engage with fellow attendees and peers
  • Dispense knowledge/awareness concerning their own systematic exploratory undertakings
  • Obtain crucial guidance/advice/opinions on how to refine and better their research projects/outcomes from leading domain experts

who are expected to gather at this conference, in all capacities as attendees, lecturers, presenters, keynote speakers and chief guests. These openings will be essential to not only the advancement of one's profession across the realms of Engineering, Science and Technology but even to the launching of their standing and status.