The International Conference on Health Care Reform, Health Economics and Health Policy (ICHHH-2022), strives to bridge the long-existing gap between academics and experimental experts in these fields, believing that this kind of long-term association will result in the inception of this incredible and unique initiative connecting experts from all areas of Health Care Reform, Health Economics and Health Policy. This convention is devised primarily to furnish attendees with the rational forethought and intellectual savoir-faire that they are not expected to obtain from any other contemporary source.

The International Conference on Health Care Reform, Health Economics and Health Policy (ICHHH-2022), will strive to tighten the ever-widening gap between Academic Research Professionals/Specialists and Policymakers Overseeing The Dispensation Of Healthcare Services & Funding All Across The World. This will be accomplished by bringing professionals undertaking Healthcare Research/Studies and those who actually carry out Policymaking/Economic Reforms/Decision making, together on a common playing field, so that they may be able to learn from each other. Researchers will be able to learn about challenges that Policymakers are facing out there in the real world, while Decision makers will be able to acquire knowledge about feasible strategies to combat all current challenges and impediments to progress, through the conclusions derived from the strenuous research work being carried out by Healthcare Analysts globally.

With the spread of novel viruses and diseases leading to numerous Pandemic Crises, the best way to -

  • Save lives
  • Stem the spread of disease
  • Prevent global economic meltdowns
  • Healthcare disasters

is to see to the widespread broadcasting of modern expertise necessitated by Policymakers taking decisions, Healthcare Reform Experts devising strategies to combat disease outbreaks and pandemics, Beaurocrats Overseesing Healthcare Policymaking Worldwide and Economists outlining economic approaches to combat the drastic impact that the spread of novel diseases and viruses, can have on the Global Economy.