The two-day MIAR conference has been designed so as to offer assistance to all Research Scholars, Professional Exploratory Advisors, Educators and other professionals involved in and engaged within this domain, by promoting the establishment of a cooperative partnership between them to strengthen the current circumstance of International Conference on Innovative Engineering Technologies and associated disciplines in order to secure its steadfast and continued progression.

Apart from offering chances to quickly obtain critical know-how, all those engaged in this domain, including both novice or veteran professionals will be granted well-defined possibilities to raise awareness of their exploratory ventures and outcomes through opportunities to -

  • Exhibit their work via posters
  • Submit details on their research projects/findings via papers
  • Demonstrate their work by submitting abstracts
  • Deliver presentations on their pursuances in detail, etc.

These opportunities will give them a chance to make their work known amidst a global gathering of peers and leading field specialists. Those whose work is deemed to be of the highest quality as well as exhibits the greatest potential will receive due appreciation from the experts who will be in attendance at this event. They will also receive awards in recognition of their exemplary work and effort.

This two-day International Conference on “International Conference on Multidisciplinary Innovation in Academic Research” (MIAR), in the magnificent city of Colombo, Sri Lanka, will be an event that will furnish all attendees present with an unparalleled occasion to -

  • Interlace with peers/field specialists
  • Obtain essential financing to continue and prolong their research ventures
  • Gain an insider's perspective of pioneering research ventures underway all throughout the globe.

This will help them obtain a clear and concrete understanding of all the most advanced strategies, maneuverings and procedures, thus molding their insight, capacities and cerebral potentials for the better, forever.