In light of the diverse Economic crises that are impeding the growth of the economies of both development as well as underdevelopment and advancing nations, across the globe, the World Congress on Global Business, Economics, Finance & Social Sciences (WC-GBEFSS-2022) conference aims to provide all professionals involved in the realms of Economics, Social Sciences, Finance and Business, critical insight into proven methodologies, strategies and approaches to combat challenges associated with -

  • Trade Tariffs
  • Import Quotas
  • Social Security Funding
  • Ineffective Global Monetary Arrangements
  • Minimum Wages
  • Agricultural Subsidies
  • Negative Income Tax and more.

As part of the WC-GBEFSS conference, which will take place on the 13th - 14th of May 2022, in the scenic city of Indonesia, jakarta, a variety of sessions, concourses, and gatherings such as debates, lectures, Q&A sessions, interactive gatherings and more, have been arranged to take place. These events will offer delegates the crucial opportunity to learn about modern advances in these fields and get to know more about the various challenges that are hindering the progress of their respective realms of study in great detail.

Delegates of the World Congress on Global Business, Economics, Finance & Social Sciences (WC-GBEFSS) conference will also be afforded numerous opportunities to -

  • Interact with experts,
  • Engage with domain authorities,
  • Form collaborative associations/partnerships with fellow delegates,
  • Distribute learnings/acumen about their scientific experimental studies,
  • Acquire recommendations/suggestions/feedback about their research work/findings from prominent field specialists,

who will all be in attendance at this event, either as delegates, speakers, lecturers, presenters or dignitaries. Such opportunities will be crucial to not only the furtherance of one's career in various streams of Economics, Finance, Social Sciences, and Business, but also to the elevation of their reputation and standing within the global community at large.