About ARDA

Founded in 2015, the ARDA (Academic Research and Development Association) is a politically independent, non-partisan, interdisciplinary conference organizer, research consultancy and publisher dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary discussion, facilitating cross-cultural awareness and promoting international exchange, mainly through educational and academic cooperation and research.

Through the creation of opportunities for discourse amongst academics and opinion leaders, ARDA has made a name for itself as a pioneer in implementing the research avenues and visionary development programs that are required in our rapidly developing globalized society. ARDA was founded as a research organization, conference organizer and publisher dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary discussion, facilitating cross-cultural awareness and promoting international exchange, primarily through educational interaction and academic research.

This information exchange takes place as part of ARDA's academic events in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. ARDA's interdisciplinary conferences are incredibly diverse and inclusive networking hubs, where academics, students, researchers, scientists, educators and professionals from industry come from all over the planet to create, bestow and nourish innovative consciousness, expertise and scientific know-how. ARDA makes much of the free generated content available to the world through its open access publications and audiovisual media repositories.

Together with the academic world (comprising of students, researchers, research institutions, universities and industry), ARDA works with its partners to plan and deliver world-class, impactful events with excellence, care and integrity. From the initial spark to the conceptualization and shaping of an idea, ARDA is involved every step of the way.

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Through its massive network of organizations and individuals and the think tank at its administrative offices, ARDA coordinates and undertakes original research, including producing incisive commentary and analysis. Our strength lies in international and interdisciplinary public policy research, particularly in the areas of engineering, science, technology and academia in general.

ARDA's activities are not limited to these disciplines but also include cultural, social and recreational aspects that would be available in all events sponsored by ARDA, believing that we all live in one world. The main objective of ARDA is to become widely recognized by extensively disseminating the latest scientific research and facilitating the exchange of knowledge between various cultures, socio-economic classes, languages and nations. ARDA has become accustomed to developing and facing the struggles of doing so. In order for ARDA to be a pioneer in this field, we wish to share our success (through our collaboration protocols already in place) with universities, companies and scientific organizations around the world.

Objective of ARDA

ARDA's objective is to explore the drivers, processes and outcomes of innovation and value creation in countries, markets, industries and sectors and to consolidate the drivers that foster the innovation and the healthiest value-creating ecosystems in -

Our conferences and other endeavors are aimed at also fostering a mature conversation between leaders in these fields and industries and address the most crucial questions that the global scientific community is in need of answers for.

There is an ever-burgeoning need for high-quality research in most if not all aspects of 21st-century society. Universities are the main providers of quality research education. Quality research teaching requires the participation of both established faculty, newly appointed staff and student researchers. There is also the requirement for academia to reach out to society in general as fully as possible. As the academic sector increasingly focuses on research excellence, there is a need to provide more forums, mainly in the form of peer-reviewed conferences, for academics to exchange ideas, questions, problems, and accomplishments related to their personal research activities. These forums provide opportunities to exchange ideas, experience critiques and gain some recognition of individuals' progress towards research excellence. The more international the forums, the more effective they are. Although publication in highly rated academic journals is still the most popular form of academic communication, academic conferences have become an important outlet for research results as well as an important facilitator in achieving this goal.

Scope and Benefits

As an organization, ARDA's mission is to promote international exchange, facilitate cross-cultural awareness, encourage interdisciplinary discussions and generate and share new knowledge.

Support For Young Scholars

ARDA is devoted to aiding young scholars by helping them achieve their research and academic goals while inspiring them to implement the principles of interdisciplinary study to their craft.
ARDA offers a range of grants and scholarships covering conference registration fees to doctoral students and early career academics who would otherwise not have the financial resources to attend our academic conferences.

Extensive Journal Publication Endeavors

ARDA's online and open access journals meet the highest academic standards of international peer review and are published in accordance with ARDA's Publishing Commitment to make all of our published material available for the benefit of the scientific community.

Global Partnerships

ARDA has entered into a number of strategic partnerships with universities around the world. These academic partnerships support and nurture ARDA's goals of educational cooperation without borders, linking the organization with institutions that have an international and internationalizing profile and a commitment to interdisciplinary research.

Taking International Conferencing To New Heights

The Academic Research and Development Association (ARDA) has hosted thousands of academics at its international conferences held around the world.

ARDA promotes core values among its members and the wider higher education community, including -

international conference

ARDA promotes core values among its members and the wider higher education community, including -

  • Academic freedom, institutional autonomy and social responsibility at the local and global level;
  • Cooperation and solidarity based on the mutuality of shared interests and benefits;
  • Tolerance of dissenting opinions, absence of political interference;
  • Equity in passage and success in higher education and free access to information;
  • Scientific integrity and ethical conduct as foundations of the conduct of all stakeholders in higher education;
  • Higher education and research of general interest;
  • Quality of learning, research and awareness.

Why ARDA ?

ARDA's Mission to -

  • Promote international exchange
  • Facilitate increased intercultural awareness
  • Encourage interdisciplinary discussion
  • Actively creates beneficial results for individuals that have a positive impact on our society

Global Significance

Different nations operate under very different economic scenarios and political constructs and yet academic pools of excellence can be discovered across the planet, formed by these very same circumstances. ARDA is devoted to providing platforms to facilitate intellectual exchange in positive environments that encourage interaction between individuals from these various nations, bringing people together, building bridges and strengthening ties between different regions of the world.

Cultural Significance

Physical and technological barriers to communication are disappearing more and more quickly, but often cultural barriers still need to be overcome for progressive academic collaborations to be facilitated. Through its conferences, ARDA offers researchers and practitioners the opportunity to interact with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, thereby developing a deeper knowledge of cultures other than their own, as well as contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the academic research as a force that celebrates both cultures and transcends cultural boundaries.

Interdisciplinary Significance

Through engagements within and across various fields, academics, students, researchers, faculty and other professionals can be exposed to innovative perspectives and create new expertise. By working with conference themes and encouraging novel approaches, ARDA's interdisciplinary events spark research partnerships and innovative programs that generate and contribute to new areas. In an evolving global and academic environment, these unique connections can help establish trans-disciplinary best practices and guides for the various issues facing academics today.

Who We are

The Academic Research and Development Association wouldn't exist without the commitment of those who further its broad range of activities - from the administration and expertise of top academics who sit on boards of directors and conference committees to the volunteers who extend their invaluable support and precious time to help during ARDA events.

ARDA is a confederation of leaders and opinion-makers from around the planet who have one thing in common - the desire to accelerate the advancement of science and technology through learning, collaboration and research.

Since please enter the year of founding, ARDA has been presenting innovative perspectives to present-day thought leaders and decision-makers as well as those of tomorrow by providing constructive environments for dialogue and exchange at the intersections of nation, culture and discipline.

who arda

The organization was founded specially for academics, students, educators and professionals as a politically independent, mission-driven organization dedicated to providing and promoting constructive dialogue independently across international borders. With the Indian sub-continent emerging as a new and powerful center of global events to rival the traditional Euro-American hegemonic axis and with different and conflicting nationalist fears and national political interests often leading to negative foreign policy-making, the stakes for ensuring cooperation between this region and the Western world has never been higher and ARDA's mission is more relevant than ever.

Since its inception, ARDA has been committed to ensuring that academic thought leaders and opinion-makers from the public and private sectors, education, media and business have the chance to engage with their colleagues from other nations and address matters of social and universal relevance and significance.

Through its international, intercultural and interdisciplinary conferences, research and publications, ARDA has become the hub of the information exchange network across the world, connecting individuals and institutions around the planet and today's opinion leaders with those of tomorrow.