About ARDA

Founded in , the ARDA (Academic Research and Development Association) is a politically independent, non-partisan, interdisciplinary conference organizer, research consultancy, and publisher dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary discussion, facilitating cross-cultural awareness, and promoting international exchange, mainly through educational and academic cooperation and research.

Through the creation of opportunities for discourse amongst academics and opinion leaders, ARDA has made a name for itself as a pioneer in implementing the research avenues and visionary development programs that are required in our rapidly developing globalized society. ARDA was founded as a research organization, conference organizer, and publisher dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary discussion, facilitating cross-cultural awareness, and promoting international exchange, primarily through educational interaction and academic research.

This information exchange takes place as part of ARDA's academic events in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. ARDA's interdisciplinary conferences are incredibly diverse and inclusive networking hubs, where academics, students, researchers, scientists, educators, and professionals from industry come from all over the planet to create, bestow and nourish innovative consciousness, expertise, and scientific know-how. ARDA makes much of the free generated content available to the world through its open access publications and audiovisual media repositories.

Together with the academic world (comprising of students, researchers, research institutions, universities, and industry), ARDA works with its partners to plan and deliver world-class, impactful events with excellence, care, and integrity. From the initial spark to the conceptualization and shaping of an idea, ARDA is involved every step of the way.


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Through its massive network of organizations and individuals and the think tank at its administrative offices, ARDA coordinates and undertakes original research, including producing incisive commentary and analysis. Our strength lies in international and interdisciplinary public policy research, particularly in the areas of engineering, science, technology, and academia in general.

ARDA's activities are not limited to these disciplines but also include cultural, social, and recreational aspects that would be available in all events sponsored by ARDA, believing that we all live in one world. The main objective of ARDA is to become widely recognized by extensively disseminating the latest scientific research and facilitating the exchange of knowledge between various cultures, socio-economic classes, languages, and nations. ARDA has become accustomed to developing and facing the struggles of doing so. In order for ARDA to be a pioneer in this field, we wish to share our success (through our collaboration protocols already in place) with universities, companies, and scientific organizations around the world.