Journal Publications Process

To ensure we offer our clients a full range of solutions for all their needs, ARDA's journal publication support services provide premium support at every stage of the publishing cycle to help authors achieve their academic goals. Our team of publishing experts meets your needs at every stage of your academic journey. We offer a variety of personalized services with an unwavering goal - to accelerate the success of your publication. Our goal is out-and-out customer satisfaction, which is what we aim for in everything we do. From the quality of our revisions and translations to the speed of delivery of your complete manuscript to the speed with which we deal with your questions and requests. You came to us for expert author services and we intend to deliver. ARDA's team will work with you until your expectations are met.


Journal Selection

We offer smart journal recommendations based on the relevance of your article to help you decide which journal to submit to.


Pre-Submission Review

ARDA's experts review the manuscript, focusing on the soundness of study design, reportability of method, significance to the field, ethical soundness and sufficiency of data analysis.


Manuscript Editing

ARDA's manuscript editing processes are specially designed for authors who wish to submit their work to high-impact international journals.


Formatting and Artwork Installations

Our team will carry out thorough and professional formatting of manuscripts and preparation of illustrations according to journal requirements.


Journal Submission

ARDA's journal submission experts help you understand and complete the submission for you. This helps in saving time and ensuring a thorough review of key control points before submission.


Manuscript Revisions

The ARDA team will assist you in carrying out a complete English review, formatting and re-editing of your manuscript content and reviewers' responses to ensure all comments are factored into your article prior to resubmission.

Types of Journals available with us for Publication