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World-Class Doctoral Research Support Services

If you're a PhD candidate who is getting overwhelmed with your thesis work and is in desperate need of professional guidance, this is the place to be! At ARDA, we offer end-to-end support services to those undertaking their PhDs to be able to complete their research work and even have their findings published in globally renowned publications of their choice. The support we extend includes everything from choosing topical research subject matter and passing the viva-voce examination with flying colours to having the research successfully published and anything else that may be required between these processes.

1. Sign Up With ARDA

Are you a PhD candidate who requires professional help with all facets of the publication of doctoral research work? Then, you'll do yourself a world of good by signing up with ARDA. When you sign up with us, you'll be helping us determine what your exact requirements are and how we at ARDA can assist you in completing your PhD thesis effortlessly.

2. Helping You With The Decision Of Which University and Research Mentor To Choose For Your Particular Brand Of Research Work

Upon considering your needs as well as the research topic you have chosen, ARDA will make the recommendation of the best-suited university for you to be able to obtain your doctorate triumphantly. This decision will also factor in the ease with which you'll be able your research and also be the most rewarding way possible to achieve your doctorate. If applicable, the ARDA team will also recommend an experienced Mentor / Guide (a specialist from our Mentor / Guide database, with the most pertinent expertise) to act as your guide throughout your PhD. research work.

3. Guiding You In Picking A Research Topic That's Trending In The Zeitgeist

Our team of specialists will offer you comprehensive assistance when it comes to selecting a practical research topic that addresses both the approach to and solution to a lingering modern challenge that is plaguing humanity. It is our firm belief that choosing such a topic is crucial to ensuring a strong completion of your PhD thesis work. The ARDA team can help you consolidate all of your aims, strategies and opinions in the form of a 'Topic Suggestion' document. Our specialists will then pour over the document to come up with an appropriate research topic. They will then proceed with the selection of a base paper.

To be precise, this entire process entails -

Determining the areas in which your interests and expertise truly lie

Briefing you on all the latest developments in your subject by condensing them down into an easily digestible format

Helping you finalize an area of ​​interest (in which you are passionate about completing your doctorate)

Providing you with highly acclaimed research papers containing pioneering ideas and discoveries so that you can get one of them approved as a "core document" by your mentor/guide

Recommending five of the best research topics in your area of ​​interest (which has been determined previously) so that you can get one of them approved as your "research topic" by your mentor/guide.

4. Formulating A World-Class Research Proposal

As far as rendering, composing and suggesting a distinct research topic is concerned, there's no better team of specialists that you can depend on than ours at ARDA. Through the meticulous evaluation of your aims, specialization and plans, our specialists will help you craft a thorough 'Research Proposal' document. In addition to explicitly setting out the practical methodologies applicable in carrying out the research (for the chosen research topic), as well as defining the intended workflow (with relevant references) in this 'Research Proposal' document, the ARDA team will also continue in providing you with our full-scale assistance to help with any revisions to the 'Research Proposal' that may be required until it is accepted by your mentor/guide.

5. Constructing A Clean and Concise Synopsis Section

After your 'Research Proposal' is approved by your mentor/guide, the ARDA team will get to work on helping you formulate a clear-cut and clutter-free 'Synopsis Report'. Aside from this report, the team will also be providing you with certain crucial material that will help you with the next stage of your PhD thesis work, including -

A PPT, which will help you deliver a top-notch presentation of your ‘Research Proposal’,

Key talking points for the presentation, relevant data and information, as well as

Essential know-how to handle subsequent queries and discussions proficiently.

United Innovators will then proceed to make all necessary revisions to the ‘Research Proposal’ on the basis of any comments, suggestions and queries that may have arisen as a result of the presentation.

A PPT, which will help you present the contents of your 'Research Proposal' succinctly and confidently

Crucial talking points for the presentation, pertinent data

Vital know-how that will help you deal competently with questions and subsequent discussions.

The ARDA team will then perform any essential revisions to the 'Research Proposal' based on any observations, recommendations and inquiries that may have been made right after the presentation.

6. Carrying Out A Wall-To-Wall Literature Survey

As part of the literature survey process, the ARDA team will -

Gather the most recent research papers relevant to your chosen research topic, containing the most revolutionary research results and ideas

Undertake a systematic evaluation of all the accumulated literature by analyzing it, evaluating it, as well as adapting and transmuting it according to your research work

Collect the opinions of professionals on the data and ideas gathered, then apply this information to strengthen the research work further so that the result is simply exemplary

Take cognizance of all these facts and consolidate them in the form of a complete 'Survey Paper'

Pass on this 'Survey Paper' to many world-renowned Scopus journals and international publications (upon acceptance, all applicable publication costs must be borne by the applicant and paid in full).

7. Recognizing A Challenge and Accordingly Formulating A Carefully-Crafted 'Problem Statement

Often considered to be the most significant elements of a PhD thesis, a lot of candidates struggle when it comes to crafting a 'Problem Statement' that succinctly sums up the challenge(s) their research aims to solve. With the assistance of the ARDA team, however, you have nothing to worry about. We will carry out the research process, which involves identifying and drafting the 'Problem Statement'. This is to determine what challenge(s) the research study hopes to solve through its findings and conclusions. Applicants should start thinking and pondering about what this research problem should be before they even proceed with the literature review.

To put it simply, the 'Problem Statement' is a concise summarization of the phenomenon (or phenomena) that your doctoral thesis aims to dissect, investigate, and perhaps even solve. The 'Problem Statement' should also touch upon -

The importance of studying this phenomenon (or phenomena)

The present hurdle(s) that have arisen owing to the dearth of research in this area

The reason(s) for the findings of this research being integral to solving these hurdle(s).

With the full-scale support of the ARDA team, you are guaranteed that you'll have professional support all through this process - helping with the identifying of a distinctive and noteworthy challenge for your PhD. research as well as the preparation of a convincing 'Problem Statement".

8. Undertaking The Technical Execution Part Of Your Doctoral Thesis

Upon taking into account your comments and several other factors surrounding the nature of your research, the ARDA team will help you pick the most suitable simulator for your research work. After picking a simulator, our specialists will proceed to solve the challenges posed by the 'Base Paper' and verify its results with those obtained from the simulator. Our experts will then develop an "innovative and distinct Research Methodology" solely based on the results of the hurdles posed in the 'Base Paper', which will be obtained from the simulator. The results obtained from the implementation of this truly "innovative and distinct Research Methodology" and the findings of the 'Base Paper' will then be compared against each other.

9. Research Article Writing and Full-Scale Publication Support

As far as writing an extremely well-written, engaging and thought-provoking research article goes, the determinants are many. These include

Keeping a close eye on the format commonly followed by researchers involved in the same discipline

Adhering to the guidelines specified by the authorities responsible for controlling research articles within the discipline

Providing citations (anywhere they're required) to certain sections of the research article

Ensuring that you don't deviate from any of the proposed research methodologies

Take care to see that all data relevant to the accumulated ideas and conclusions are specified in the research article.

The ARDA team frees you of the weight of having to ensure compliance with all of these factors. Our expert assistance in planning, formatting and writing a world-class research article will make this entire process a breeze for you to complete successfully.

When it comes to getting help with the publication of research papers, it can get quite tricky too-

● Look for a journal or publication which has a high impact factor and which is indexed by popular journal indexing databases, including SCI, Scopus, Springer and UGC, to name a few.

● Find out which of these journals and publications is the most appropriate to publish your research article

● Devise a convincing 'Research Abstract' and 'Cover Letter' so that your application or your request to publish an article is effortlessly and instantly accepted by the publishing authorities

● Communicate professionally with the journal's review committee and make any necessary changes to your article (as suggested by the review committee's recommendations)

● Make certain that your research paper is published in quick time.

Our team at ARDA will shoulder every one of these burdens for you. This will help ensure that your research article is accepted for publication in highly reputable, international Scopus-indexed journals specializing in the latest research studies in your discipline and also published without any delays or interruptions.

10. Extensive Dissertation / Thesis Writing Support

The writing of the thesis typically involves -

Designing the structure of the thesis

Formatting all chapters such that they conform to formatting guidelines

Making certain that the character of the wording and sentencing is strong yet persuasive

Seeing that the chapter-to-chapter progression is seamless.

Writing a thesis is often viewed as a laborious and intimidating process by most doctoral candidates. Most candidates find themselves floundering and falling off the wagon at this very point in their doctoral thesis. The ARDA team steps in and takes complete control at this point, making certain that you have an engaging, compelling and appealing dissertation that meets global thesis writing benchmarks. They do so while ensuring that your broader imagination and creativity are executed and integrated throughout the thesis writing process. We also ensure that the dissertation meets the standards set by the university you are affiliated with, managing the review, review processes and adhering to all academic guidelines of language, tone and formatting guidelines specified by it. At the end of this process, you will have 100-200 pages of a flawlessly prepared dissertation devised, formatted and executed seamlessly.

● An impeccable "Thesis Title"

● The 'Introduction'

● The 'Aim and Overall Objective/Hypotheses'

● A 'Literature' Section

● A Comprehensive 'Research Methodology' Section

● A 'Result/Findings/Data Analysis' Section

● The 'Discussion' Section

● A 'Summary'

● A 'Conclusion'

● A 'References' Section

● The 'Appendix'

11. The Proofreading and Editing Of The Manuscript

Proofreading and editing are integral aspects of developing a thesis and refining the rough edges until it can be said for certain that it meets the quality standards imposed by the university that you are getting your doctorate from. Specialists from the ARDA team will scrutinize the thesis meticulously to ensure this. Fortunately, with the help of expert reviewers at ARDA, who have decades of experience in publishing doctoral theses, you can be assured that your research paper will be error-free in no time. Aside from making certain that your thesis is free of any errors, the ARDA team will also make sure that all aspects, from formatting and tone of language to grammar and readability, are all first-rate. This guarantees instant and hassle-free approval of your research thesis. The overall objective of our team of reviewers is not only to identify and correct errors but also to improve the quality of the thesis as much as possible.

Thoroughly proofreading the whole thesis

Performing a decryption check

Carrying out an edifice check

Verifying the manuscript for traces of plagiarism

Executing a complete and in-depth review of language and grammar (undertaken by ARDA's team of language specialists)

Revising the thesis as per the remarks and recommendations of your Mentor / Guide

Updating the entire thesis to ensure full compliance with all standards set forth by the university that you're enrolled in.

12. Preparing For Your Pre-Defense

The ARDA team will extend its full-scale expert guidance about all aspects of delivering a very appealing and engaging presentation of the research you have done for your dissertation, whether it be technical in nature or oratorial. This training will prove to be integral to completing your final PPT presentation and achieving the highest grades/marks possible. Additionally, our team will guide you on how to -

React to,



Any revisions that may be proposed by the panel of experts evaluating your presentation before you deliver your final defence.

13. Preparation Of The Final Defense

Complete and steadfast determination is an indispensable part of completing your doctorate with flying colours. As a doctoral candidate, you should be perfectly capable of delivering your final PPT presentation fluently. The state-of-the-art technology and speaking support you will receive from ARDA's team of presentation delivery specialists will help grow your confidence and put to rest any uncertainties or trepidations you may have developed about the whole process. With these tips, you will start your final presentation with complete confidence in -

The importance and innovativeness of your research,

The superior essence of your thesis

Your presentation abilities.

14. Specialist Support To Help Carry Out Any Post-Defense Corrections

The vast majority of doctoral candidates are under the impression that the 'Viva Voce' process is the completion of their whole doctorate, after which they can earn their doctorate. This is, nevertheless, not the case. The usual occurrence is that the result of the 'Viva Voce' process takes an additional three to six months of work in the form of revisions such as -

Corrections of typo errors

Revising specific chapters that have been pointed out as problematic

Appending supplementary chapters to the thesis.

When you choose ARDA, you can depend entirely on our team to support you through the entire process until you have completed the post-defence remediation process.

15. Preparation Of The Finalized Thesis For Potential Publication In An SCI Journal Of Your Choosing

As required, the ARDA team can even extend its support in helping convert your PhD. thesis into a world-class research paper that meets the publication standards set by globally renowned SCI-indexed journals. From distinguishing and applying to a well-recognized SCI journal with a high impact factor to handling the review and publication processes, ARDA's team of publication specialists can offer its end-to-end assistance in this regard should you need it.

16. Professional Assistance With The Acquiring Of Patents For Your Doctoral Research Findings

If you have the yearning to have the findings of the research you carried out as part of your doctoral thesis patented, there's no better source of help than ARDA. Having successfully acquired patents for numerous doctoral candidates, research scientists and academic scholars (from various disciplines and sub-disciplines) in the past, ARDA's team of patenting specialists can help guide you through every single process involved in obtaining a patent for your groundbreaking discoveries. You can leave the hassle of obtaining patents for your inventions to our experts. Successfully and transparently acquiring patents for our clients, no matter what their area of expertise, is one of our many strengths.

Even the very thought of preparing a research proposal that is compelling enough to persuade all members of the review committee in charge of checking research proposals can be daunting. Now that you're aware of ARDA, all you've got to do is to leave us to it. Our team of Research Proposal preparing experts possing decades of experience in devising and crafting world-class research proposals that help candidates from various disciplines across the globe acquire their doctorates with ease is all you need. When you have the ARDA team's expertise behind you, your research proposal is bound to be completely compelling, enabling it to be approved quickly, without you having to develop any anxieties or endure any impediments or setbacks.