Research Consultancy

ARDA's team is equipped with leaders in various fields who can provide technical advice, testing and evidence-based recommendations. Our academic research consultancy services have focused on providing individualized assistance to each student according to the requirements of their research project. Our academic and technical writers and proofreaders are specialists in various academic fields. Thus, you will be assigned to an expert who has a perfect knowledge of your subject. Our technical writers can refine your scientific research papers that require special expertise and knowledge of subject terminology.

Statistical Advice

Our team will advise you on designing quantitative studies, the required sample size, writing the statistical analysis plan, how to perform statistical analysis for a given data set, how to respond to feedback from journal reviews, statistical analysis and econometric modeling.

statistical advice

Research Design Consultancy

We will offer you advice on the rationale and identification of research gaps, formulation of research queries and hypotheses, research methodologies, qualitative strategies, qualitative approaches, study design, economic evaluation, research ethics and reporting.

research design consultancy

Editing, Proofreading and Translation

As we offer a one-stop-shop for research activities, editing, proofreading and translation services benefit from a reduced rate when using our research services. Our team of specialists can help you translate documents from any language to English. We also offer back-to-back translation for interviews and surveys.

Systematic Reviews and Literature Summaries

Our team has the expertise to conduct research and produce summary tables of literature reviews and systematic reviews for large and small research projects. We can also work to highlight gaps in the literature and advise on filling them by developing relevant theoretical and empirical models.

Systematic Reviews

Our team can work hand in hand with you to produce different types of publications, including research abstracts, peer-reviewed journal articles, books and monographs, edited books, book chapters, conference proceedings and technical reports.

Research Project Consulting

Our team can guide you throughout the whole research process to complete your research projects. We offer advice on research proposals, data sources and accumulation, consistent reports, demonstrations and conferences. We also provide coaching and supervision support to monitor your progress and stay on track.