Conferences and Meetings

Conference planning, in addition to association management, has been one of ARDA's core services for many years. Our success in devising and coordinating high-level conferences is essentially based on a concrete understanding of our role as professional conference organizers.

Decades of experience have taught us a valuable lesson - event planning and conference organizing require having a flexible long-term vision. Conferences and events must address evolving academic needs and those needs expand over time. Therefore, our conference organizing services always reflect the current environment.

Organizing a congress, a seminar or any academic event for that matter requires special skills. Professionals really make the difference. You can count on ARDA for various aspects of your event - support of offers, development of a scientific program, processing of abstracts, logistics, administration, marketing and more.

We Bear The Burden Of Organizing A Stellar Event

Rely on ARDA for preliminary planning, as well as the coordination and administration during the conference. This will allow you to work efficiently and diminish any risks. Every conference is followed by a thorough debriefing.

Keeping You In The Loop Throughout :

An effective communication plan describes in detail internal and external communication. In order to creatively stand out, ARDA goes the extra mile in ensuring that your conference meets the global benchmark of academic conference organizing. Additionally, we will coordinate the communication strategy with the various stakeholders such as venues, suppliers, catering, press and participants.

Keeping Tabs On Every Digit :

It is ARDA's job as your professional conference organizer to manage your budget while aiming to achieve event goals.

Taking Registration Completely Off Your Hands :

ARDA takes care of the registration of your participants, for instance, by using an online registration form. During the conference, we welcome participants by giving them a personal badge. All the data obtained will, of course, be kept for you.

Arranging For World Class Speakers :

ARDA will contact the speakers of your event and accompany them in the preparation of their presentation. Speakers receive the program well in advance, and in addition, all presentation equipment will be tested well in advance.