Difference Between a Research Article and a Review Article

Are you familiar with the differences between research articles and review articles? If not, then worry not; here we are going to let you know that these two have distinct purposes in the academic world, having unique roles and characteristics. In this blog, we will discuss the main difference points between a research article and a review article, like purpose, content, etc. So, keep reading!

What is the difference between a research article and a review article?

What is a Research Article?

A research article is someone’s unique study essay in which their whole research process and results deliver new discoveries. The purpose of this is to add fresh knowledge to the particular field of study. This follows a standard format including an introduction, review of past research, process, results, discussions, and conclusion. This structure makes it easy for readers to understand the research journey and the author’s point.

What are Review Papers?

A review article is different from a regular research paper. A review paper essentially summarizes and assesses a recent research paper on a specific topic. This helps us find out what we already know and what we still need to find out. It is crucial because it points out what’s missing and suggests what researchers should study next.

Types of Review Paper

The review papers are of three types:

Narrative: It’s like gathering and sharing all the information we know about a particular topic using research that has already been done and published.

Meta-analysis: Think of it as a way to compare and put together the results of past research studies. Professionals do this regularly to see if a specific approach or treatment really works.

Systematic: This is like doing a thorough search of everything scientists have found about a topic.

Main Difference Points Between Review and Research Paper Publication

Ownership and Purpose

The main difference between research and review articles is in their rights and ultimate goals. A research article is like the brainchild of the author, who conducts original and thorough research for collecting and analyzing data. It represents the author’s sole contribution to the research disclosure for securing the recognition.

On the other hand, a review article is a collaborative approach. The motive of an author to publish review articles is to study and critique the work of others for the sake of establishing themselves as an expert in that particular field.


Research articles’ content presents new ideas and hypotheses and delivers discoveries for the first time. They serve as pioneers of knowledge, opening new paths to studying areas.

In contrast, review articles act as guides through the existing body of research. It includes the procedure of carefully examining previous studies and providing a simplified overview of the original research paper, which serves as a brief introduction to the topic.

Overall Difference

  • A research paper typically shows in-depth and comprehensive information compared to a review paper.
  • While research papers often undergo peer review, review papers may not always follow the same process.
  • Research papers adopt a more formal style than review papers.
  • Research papers maintain an objective tone, whereas review papers are a subjective approach.
  • Research papers are commonly crafted in accordance with APA style guidelines, while review papers might adopt different formatting conventions.

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In a final say, research and review articles are different types of documents in the academic world. Already mentioned are some of the aspects that help you to differentiate between research and review articles. However, when you are working on your projects, do not forget to get the best review article writing service from us to ensure your work is of the highest quality.

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