Fast Publishing Scopus Indexed Journals at Low Cost 2023

Fast publishing Scopus indexed journals at low cost

For instance, one can enter the domain (or domains) and click apply. The page will display if any current content is available for viewing, based on the search criteria and filters applied. To search for a specific journal, all one has to do is type in the title of the journal they’re looking for in the search bar and check if the title is properly indexed.

How To Get An Article Published In Scopus Indexed Journal?

This is a question that even the most experienced research authors struggle with finding the answer to. Why is this so? Simply because getting an article accepted for publication by a Scopus journal is no joke. It requires a lot of perseverance, effort, dedication and most importantly, a professional outlook to submit a manuscript, get it accepted, make edits and corrections as required by the reviewing committee and then have it published in time. Availing the professional research article publication services of ARDA can help make this process completely effortless so you can focus on continuing to make groundbreaking findings through your research work.

Fast publishing Scopus indexed journals

1. Migration Letters – Quartile ranking: Q2

ISSN: 1741-8984 | e-ISSN: 1741-8992, Scopus and Web of Science Indexed.

Migration Letters is a leading scholarly multidisciplinary academic open-access journal for researchers, students, and scholars who investigate human migration as well as practitioners and quick dissemination of research in the field through its letter-type format enabling concise sharing of short accounts of research, debates, case studies, book reviews and viewpoints in this multidisciplinary field of social sciences.
Migration Letters follows a double-blind peer review policy. The journal is Q2 ranked in the Quartile list, also the journal is indexed in major databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, EBSCO, and Google Scholar. Submit your research papers for publication.

2. Journal of Namibian Studies – Quartile ranking: Q2

ISSN: 1863-5954 | E-ISSN:2197-5523, Scopus, EBSCO, ASAO, Google Scholar Indexed.

The Journal of Namibian Studies – History Politics Culture (ISSN print 1863-5954; ISSN online 2197-5523) aims to make available to an academic audience around the world scholarly work and original research of high standards in English. JNS is inter- and transdisciplinary and the only academic journal focusing on the humanities and the social sciences.
Papers submitted to be considered for publication will be thoroughly and anonymously peer-reviewed. The journal is Q2 ranked in the Quartile list, also the journal is indexed in major databases such as Scopus, EBSCO, and Google Scholar. Submit your multidisciplinary articles for the Journal of Namibian Studies.

3. Tuijin Jishu/Journal of Propulsion Technology – Quartile ranking: Q3

ISSN:1001-4055, Scopus, EI Compendex, and Google Scholar Indexed.

Tuijin Jishu, which translates to “Propulsion Technology” in English, is a prestigious and cutting-edge academic journal dedicated to advancing the field of propulsion engineering and technology. This is a peer-reviewed open-access journal, that ensures all published articles undergo rigorous scrutiny by expert reviewers in the field.
Tuijin Jishu welcomes contributions from researchers, academics, and practitioners involved in propulsion technology. The journal is Q3 ranked in Quartile list, also the journal is indexed in major databases such as Scopus, EI Compendex, and Google Scholar. Submit your articles to publish in the Journal of Propulsion Technology.

4. Journal of Harbin Engineering University – Quartile ranking: Q4

ISSN:1006-7043, Scopus, EI Compendex, and Google Scholar indexed.

The Journal of Harbin Engineering University (JHEU) is a prestigious scholarly publication dedicated to advancing knowledge and research across a wide range of disciplines. As an esteemed publication affiliated with Harbin Engineering University, a renowned institution known for its expertise in engineering, science, and technology, JHEU upholds a strong tradition of rigorous research and intellectual exploration.
The “Journal of Harbin Engineering University” is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of peer review. The journal is Q4 ranked in Quartile list, also the journal is indexed in major databases such as Scopus, EI Compendex, and Google Scholar.

5. Journal of Chemical Health Risks – Quartile ranking: Q4

ISSN:2251-6719 E-ISSN:2251-6727, Scopus, DOAJ, Google Scholar.

The JCHR as a peer-reviewed professional academic journal is striving to provide the best forum for researchers and scholars worldwide to exchange their latest findings and results. The journal is a multidisciplinary journal of chemistry, biology, and public health that will publish original research and scientific articles describing studies of the toxic effects of chemical agents on humans, the environment, and animals.
The journal is Q4 ranked in Quartile list, also the journal is indexed in major databases such as Scopus, EBSCO, DOAJ, and Google Scholar. Submit your Chemistry-related articles for publication.

6. Russian Law Journal – Q2

Russian Law Journal (RLJ) is an independent, professional journal that covers recent legal developments not only in the Russian Federation but also on international and comparative levels. RLJ magazine is one of the first English-language legal academic editions regularly published in Russia.   It is published in English and appears four times per year. All articles are subject to professional editing by native English-speaking legal scholars. Russian Law Journal is indexed by Scopus and ESCI Web of Science.

7. Res Militaris – Q4

Res Militaris is a bilingual (English, French), peer-reviewed, online social science journal dedicated to the study of Multidisciplinary issues. it is a Multidisciplinary journal. It pursues a threefold objective: provide an independent publication outlet and forum for a growing European scholarly input in the military field; stimulate intellectual exchange and international (notably transatlantic) debate; bring some linguistic/cultural balance to an area of study hitherto dominated by English-language publications.

Some fifty international (mainly European and North American) defence scholars have accepted to serve on its editorial board for peer-review purposes. A group of prestigious senior figures – academics, officers, journalists – forms its patronage committee.  The journal invites authors to publish their research papers and consolidate communications from scientific conferences in all fields of research.

8. European Chemical Bulletin – Q4

European Chemical Bulletin (ISSN 2063-5346) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research papers, short communications, and review articles in all areas of chemistry. The European Chemical Bulletin, an Open Access journal, is included in the indexes of Chemical Abstracts (CA), SciFinder, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and the Directory of Research Journals Indexing (DRJI).

9. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities – Q4

Covers ReAttach Treatment, Psychology, Special Education and Rehabilitation sciences, Disability Studies, Medical Aspects of Disability, Pedagogy, Social Work, and Social Policy. The following articles will be considered for publication: original and review articles, short reports, letters to the editor, clinical experiences, surveys of cases, doctoral dissertations, master of arts, editorials, and rapid communications.

Journal’s mission is to advance excellence in the social sciences and humanities, and our status as a society publisher allows us to focus on making that a reality. We re-invest all surplus back into the global scientific community, providing ongoing support for authors, researchers, and educators in every field of psychology, rehabilitation sciences and related disciplines.

10. International Journal of Professional Business Review

International Journal of Professional Business Review aims to publish original research in order to contribute to the promotion and dissemination of key issues in professional business and related areas. The JPB Review is published by Open Access Publications LLC.

To be published in the JPB Review, authors must adhere to high standards of research and contribute to theory and/or practice in related areas, regardless of whether the level of analysis is the organization, region or country.

This journal is indexing and abstracting in: SCOPUS (ELSEVIER), REDALYC (MEXICO), ) Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Latindex, Ebsco Host Publishing, Cengage Gale Learning, PKP Index, Google Scholar and OpenAire.

11. Journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences (SFS) – Q4

Research papers on fisheries /aquaculture and fishery-related subjects will be considered for publication. All material submitted must be original and unpublished. Three categories of papers are considered for publication: “Original research,”, “Short communications,” and “Reviews.”
Topics of interest to the journal include new information on various animal and plant species related to fisheries and aquaculture.

Specific areas of interest include aquatic ecosystems, methods of propagation and culture of high-value aquatic resources, pollution and its effect on the environment and aquatic species, nutrition, health and diseases of aquatic species, research on fish processing and production of new products, protection of recovering stocks and sustainable exploitation of living resources, and finally the economic and social aspects of fisheries.

12. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results – Q4

The journal is a peer-reviewed journal developed to publish original, innovative and novel research articles resulting in negative results. This peer-reviewed scientific journal publishes a theoretical and empirical paper that reports the negative findings and research failures in the pharmaceutical field. Submissions should have a negative focus, which means the outputs of research yielded in negative results are being given more preference.

All theoretical and methodological perspectives are welcomed. We also encourage the submission of short papers/communications presenting counter-examples to usually accepted conjectures or to published papers. This Journal is a biannual publication.

13. AIMS Neuroscience – Q4

The AIMS Neuroscience journal is well recognized for publishing groundbreaking research articles on clinical neurology, neurosurgery as well as other related neuroscience disciplines such as neuroradiology, neurophysiology, neuropathology and neuro-ophthalmology. The emphasis is on pioneering research that breaks barriers to further explore the mechanisms of neurological diseases and groundbreaking research studies, including clinical trials to develop better treatments and their prevention. This journal serves as a focal point for the publication of major clinical and laboratory research, as well as the publication of solicited manuscripts on specific expert topics, case reports and other data of interest to clinicians working in the field of clinical neuroscience. Research papers applicable to all sub-disciplines of neuroscience will be considered for publication.

This journal typically covers topics such as brain development, brain tumor, cerebrovascular disease, cognitive neuroscience & dementia, headaches & neurological implications, infectious diseases, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, neurofibromatosis, Parkinson’s disease & movement disorders, peripheral nerves, seizure disorders, sleep apnea, stem cells & neuroregeneration, transverse myelitis, vestibular disorders, etc.

14. The Indian Journal Of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology – IJFMT

The IJFMT is a peer-reviewed journal and features original articles, reviews and correspondence on topics covering areas of practical and theoretical interest related to the broad spectrum of forensic medicine and toxicology. The publication also features authoritative contributions describing ongoing investigations and innovative solutions to unresolved issues.
IJFMT ensures that it complies with global publication ethics at every stage of publication. It strictly adheres to industry associations such as the Publishing Ethics Committee (COPE), the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), which set standards and provide best practice guidelines to meet these requirements.
Medical toxicology is nothing more than a medical subspecialty focusing on the analysis, supervision and prevention of harmful and unwanted health problems due to drugs, work-related and environmental contaminants and organic causes. This medical journal provides a platform for scientists to publish their research papers, review articles, case reports, picture articles, case blogs and short papers on a range of respective research areas in medical toxicology and clinical forensic pathology in clinics, universities, and administration, private and government sectors.

The topics covered include forensics, toxicology, odontology, anthropology, immunochemistry, homogenetic, and the forensic aspects of biological science with an emphasis on the analysis of DNA & molecular biology.

15. Foods and Raw Materials – Q3

The Foods and Raw Materials journal serves as an important platform for researchers to publish and disseminate the latest research findings on human nutrition in general and nutrition related to food and raw materials research. The journal publishes reviews, original research articles and short papers focused on food science and technology, food service management, raw materials engineering, nutrition, nutraceuticals, food innovation and agricultural food science. The studies should be of general interest to the international food research community.

The journal covers as well as accepts and publishes original research articles on the topics of food science & food chemistry, raw materials analysis, raw materials engineering, food technology, food processing & food engineering, food safety & quality, microbiological & chemical, sensory, habits, behavior, practice & consumer preference relating to food, nutrition & dietetics, nutraceuticals & functional foods, food service management, food trends, innovation & business, post-harvest & agro-industry, food safety, food packaging, etc.

16. Colombian Journal of Chemical-Pharmaceutical Sciences – CJCPS

CJCPS – The Colombian Journal of Chemical-Pharmaceutical Sciences is intended to provide a platform for scientists, academic researchers, students of research institutes, universities and other educational institutions and analysts working in the industry, agriculture and medical services specifically within the South American nation of Columbia, to discuss various new problems in the current chemical and pharmaceutical sciences. The journal encourages students, graduate students, postgraduates, postdoctoral fellows, recent graduates, faculty, academic researchers and practitioners to submit articles for publication.

This journal publishes authentic research studies that contribute significantly to progressing scientific knowledge in the pharmaceutical and chemical sciences, especially in areas such as pharmaceutical technology, pharmacognosy, research on natural products, pharmacy & administration of new drugs, biopharmaceuticals, pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutical chemistry, computational chemistry, molecular drug design, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacy practice, clinical and hospital pharmacy, cell biology, genomics & proteomics, pharmacogenomics, bioinformatics, pharmacoeconomics & outcome research, etc.

17. The Journal of Medicinal and Chemical Sciences

This journal publishes articles dealing with an extensive range of topics in the fields of medicinal and chemical sciences, promoting research with important, new and up-to-date information. Although the journal has a demanding peer review process, JMCS still offers prompt publication, which is possible because of its excellent manuscript vetting, editing, reviewing and publishing procedures. The journal publishes significant research on a variety of topics, many of which focus on the medical (which may be naturally occurring compounds) and chemical (artificially synthesized) compounds known to have medicinal value.

The journal offers rapid publication of experimental achievements in areas including drug design, medical compound synthesis, artificial synthesized pharmaceutical compounds, drug discovery & mechanisms of action, biological chemical relationships & correlations of structure with the mode of action, biochemical interactions, etc.

18. Law, State and Telecommunications Review (LSTR) – Q3

LSTR – The Law, State and Telecommunications Review journal is a respected journal that covers a wide range of legal issues raised in the Telecommunications, IT and Media industries. The economic, cultural, societal and political dimensions of communication, including the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech, are in the process of undergoing drastic global reform. Each issue brings readers opinions and discussions in the field of communication law.
Readers benefit from editorial commentary, coverage of relevant domestic and international issues, authoritative commentary and analysis, and first-hand experience in the field of a dedicated panel of industry experts. The convergence of mass media, telecommunications and computers has raised important questions reflected in analyzes of modern communications law, policy and regulation.
Serving as a forum for discussions on these persistent and emerging issues, LSTR examines traditional and contemporary issues of freedom of expression and broadcasting, including the theoretical, conceptual and methodological issues inherent in the particular conditions presented by newcomers to media and information technology.

Some of the topics covered include computer network law & legislation, internet law & legislation, mass media law & legislation, social media law & legislation, telecommunications law & legislation, telecommunications policy, etc.

19. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies – Q4

Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies is a multidisciplinary journal that is recognized for publishing groundbreaking research articles that can be defined as pioneering, innovative and revolutionary. The sole aim of the journal is to serve as a platform for the publication of works on all aspects of mono and multidisciplinary research on these themes to make the latest results available in an easily accessible form. It also focuses on knowledge transfer methodologies and innovation strategies used to make this happen efficiently. The blend of intelligent systems functionalities and an extensive range of applications introduces the necessity for synergy between the disciplines of technology, science, humanities and business.

This journal typically covers topics such as intelligent information retrieval techniques, mobile data management techniques, AI-powered intelligent information visualization techniques, intelligent models of data mining & knowledge discovery, blur-based optimization techniques, intelligent information systems based on an ontology, fuzzy-based control & optimization models, cognitive computing, energy-efficient & sustainable computing, intelligent automation systems, health informatics & bioinformatics models, security & confidentiality of intelligent information systems, intelligent distributed information systems, etc.

These are a few of the journals indexed in Scopus. For more details of the journals mentioned above such as requirements, the field of work, etc and to get to know what all journals are Scopus indexed currently visit ARDA Conference is one of the leading platforms for all the conference alerts and journal publications.

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