How to Find Upcoming International Conferences?

How to find upcoming international conferences

The academic conferences and research conferences are essential for students and scholars as these conferences are the places where, like-minded people gather to discuss the recent innovations, discoveries, and research findings in their respective fields of interest. It is ten times more exciting and beneficial if it is an international conference because scholars and students from across the globe join international conferences to contribute their share.

Now, one must wonder, “How to find these conferences? they don’t put up hoardings or distribute pamphlets with this information.” There are numerous sources available that require just a few minutes of your time for you to gather all the information you need about upcoming conferences happening everywhere in the world.

Tips to find upcoming International Conferences


What cannot find with the help of the internet? Today, everything is available on the internet, even the details of every conference that took place in the past, that is taking place right now, and also those that are going to take place soon.

By browsing a search engine you can find several websites that post information about domestic and international conferences with all the necessary details such as date, place, organizer, requirements, the field of study, etc. So, if you are wondering where to find academic conferences in your field, Google is always there to provide you with gazillions of options. You can also find upcoming conferences from portals like Conference Next, All-Conference Alerts, Conference Alerts, International Conference Alerts and World Conference Alerts


Although the internet is supreme over every other source to find information, contacts and networking is also unwavering source to find information. Investing a little bit of time in people, people from your college, your professors, and useful connections on LinkedIn will act as a reliable source to gather information about Journal publications and academic or research conferences.

Do not miss out on any opportunity that requires only your time and a little bit of socializing efforts for something to become a reliable source of information.

Social – Media

In the last two years, the usage of social media, especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has increased enormously. Many companies, brands and institutions have come forward on these social media platforms to advertise their products, services and events to reach the target audience.

These campaigns include conferences. So, next time you are using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter make sure to check out the pages of the conference organizers to find information on upcoming international conferences for the year. Also, Quora is a trusted and useful place to find information and answers to your queries at any time about anything.


Let’s take a page from the old school book this time. Notifications! Although the practice is decades old and everything is digitalized and made available online, do not underestimate the notice boards of your college, university or research institution. Many universities and conference organizing institutions still send official notifications to allied universities and institutions with details of upcoming conferences as part of their marketing and awareness strategies.

Hence, next time you pass through a notification board in your college or institution, make sure to take a look at its content. Something might interest you. While we are on the topic of notifications, we don’t just print and pin notifications to the wall but also posted on the respective organization’s website. You can take a look at the possible institution’s websites that are organizing conferences. This is also an excellent source of information, especially for international conferences.

As we are on the topic of how to find conferences, here is another reliable source. Conference alerts are well known and trusted source by millions across the world for information on upcoming international conferences.

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