Fast Publishing Web of Science Journals at Low Cost 2024

Fast publishing Web of Science Journals at Low Cost

The Purpose Of ESCI – Emerging Sources Citation Index

The role of ESCI is to assure researchers that the journals to which they submit and or read articles adhere to certain publication standards related to editorial rigour and good practices. Picking a journal from the ESCI database can reassure academics that the journal is not predatory or ethically suspect, although this does not guarantee that it is.

A Word Of Advice To Authors Wanting To Get Published In An ESCI – Indexed Journal

When authors plan to publish in a journal indexed in ESCI or SCIE, it is a good idea to check if their department or institution has any requirements regarding where their articles are published. Some may require publication in a journal with a specific impact factor or even any impact factor, while others may specify in which index the journal should be listed. All these may have an impact on their professional performance appraisal or other administrative concerns.

1. Advances in Bioresearch (Special Issue Publication)

The objective of the Advances in Bioresearch journal is to promote and disseminate knowledge in all related fields of virology, molecular and cell biology, systems biology, gene therapy, tissue engineering, biomaterials, genetics and biochemistry, bioengineering, microbiology, regenerative medicine, neuroscience and stem cells. The Advances in Bioresearch journal is a multidisciplinary biology and biotechnology journal that publishes scientific reports on biological and biotechnological topics in the form of original articles, short reviews and case reports. The journal welcomes elementary science and translational research works in the form of original research papers, full review articles, mini-reviews, quick papers, short reports, technology reports, articles from hypothesis, outlook and letters to the editor. It is the intention of the journal that its publications will provide a stimulating forum for biomedical research and discussion.

The Journal accepts original manuscripts on topics such as Aerobiology, Agriculture, Anatomy & Physiology, Histology, Astrobiology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Biomechanics,  Biomedical Research, Biomusicology, Biosemiotics, Biotechnology, Botany, Cell Biology, Cognitive Biology, Conservation Biology & Developmental Biology, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Biology and Epidemiology.

2. International Journal of Entomology Research (Special Issue Publication)

The International Journal of Entomology Research is widely recognized as being a publisher of authentic, profound and groundbreaking insect research. These studies deal with all varieties of insect species. They also address the individual behaviors of each of these different species with their surrounding environments, with human beings, as well as, other animals, birds and fauna. The research published in this journal makes great contributions to fields as diverse as chemistry, biology, agriculture, human/animal health, molecular sciences, forensics and criminology, to name a few. The research and analysis of insects offer the fundamentals for developments in natural and chemical-based pest control, biological diversity, pharmaceutical epidemiology, food and fiber production and storage and numerous other scientific disciplines.

This journal invites researchers to submit innovative research articles on entomology in unique climate-controlled environmental settings and novel entomological approaches, processes and behavioral models on parasites and pests. In addition, research results of current interest in forest entomology, medical entomology and veterinary entomology appear in the journal. The journal publishes authentic research papers, review articles and short communications in both elementary as well as applied fields concerning insects, arthropods, nematodes, etc. and their economic significance in several areas.
This Journal typically covers topics such as General Entomology, Experimental Entomology, Systematic Entomology, Applied Entomology, Behavioural Entomology, Biology, Biotechnology, Ecology, Physiology, Taxonomy and Control of Insects & Arachnids.

3. Bulletin of Environment Pharmacology & Life Sciences (Special Issue Publication)

The Bulletin of the Environment, Pharmacology and Life Sciences aims to publish pioneering research that is of some significance to each of these fields and human progress. With the rapid and continuous expansion of the human population, demand for resources, including human and veterinary pharmaceuticals is increasing. This has led to the rapid development of the global pharmaceutical industry and this increase in the problems caused by pharmaceuticals. In recent years, great concerns have been expressed regarding the presence and persistence of pharmaceuticals in the environment and their potential impact on the environment. Thanks to this, a new branch of science called environmental pharmacology has emerged. Environmental pharmacology focuses on the indiscriminate discarding of pharmaceuticals and the resulting harmful impacts on the environment. Solutions must be suggested to save this only livable planet from the harmful effects of these pharmaceuticals. This gave rise to the field of EPV (Ecopharmacovigilance).

This Journal covers topics such as Neurology, Medicinal Chemistry, Theoretical Production Ecology, Dermatology, Molecular Pharmacology, Pharmacy Practice, Aquaculture, Organ Transplantation, Horticulture, Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry, Pathology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Haematology, Cell Biology, Environmental Sciences, Orthopaedics, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Ecology & Environmental Biology, Plant Breeding, Pharmacogenomics, Plant Fertilization, Soil Science, Oncology Biological Engineering and Pharmacology.

4. The Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology – UPJZ

The UPJZ came into being to address the advances in the life sciences, which has caused zoology to be compromised by one or more sub-disciplines. The recent developments in genetic and evolutionary research are what have caused the revitalization of the field of zoological sciences, in turn promoting high-level research across the diverse subfields of zoology dealing with the various distinct aspects of animal life, from gene and habitation to ecosystem.
The UPJZ concentrates only on the field of zoology as a whole serving as a massive platform for researchers to publish original review articles, short papers, research papers, mini-reviews, case studies, etc.
This journal publishes articles with an integrative and introductory outlook on developmental and functional evolution, cell biology, descriptive zoology, behavioral ecology, animal physiology, etc. This journal publishes high-quality, original and broad-based research articles and seeks studies that are hypothesis-driven and interdisciplinary. Articles on animal behavior, evolution, genetics, ecology, physiology, genomics, systematics, developmental biology and anatomy are normally considered. Research works that explore the interface between these subjects are also urged. Studies carried out on taxonomically restricted or geographically restricted topics will help in testing general hypotheses, result in new findings or have broader consequences.

This Journal aims to sustain its effective but also unbiased peer-review approach which has worked great at identifying the quality of research as a combination of the approach, the relevance as well as the execution of a research study. The UPJZ, in general, deals with topics such as Comparative Anatomy, Animal Physiology, Behavioural Ecology, Animal Ethology & Behavior, Zoology Of Invertebrates, Zoology of Vertebrates, Animal Genetics & Cytogenetics, Developmental Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, Soil Zoology and Palaeozoology.

5. The Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International – JPRI

The JPRI serves as a means of updating members of the global pharmaceutical forum on the latest findings in the world of pharmacology and disseminating knowledge of scientific and pharmaceutical research activities. The journal’s objective is to publish the works of eminent researchers, academics and up-and-coming scientists involved in advancing the field of pharmacology and pharmacological research. It is a platform for all pharmacy students and professionals to improve their knowledge in different areas of pharmacy by providing valuable resources in the form of articles to further develop their careers.
The JPRI encourages the submission of articles in this multidisciplinary field, however, emphasizing topics on drug discovery and drug development. The publication policy of the JPRI is to select the most important articles of the greatest importance to the pharmaceutical community at large. Those articles that are multidisciplinary or concentrate on entirely new or recently emerging areas of pharmacology are particularly welcoming.
The IJPR is known for its quick and expedited publishing of articles containing authentic and pioneering pharmaceutical research findings. The IJPR aspires that all professionals from the fields of pharmacology and its neighboring fields will be able to put their research publications to use in the development of the field of pharmaceutical science.

The Journal publishes articles, review articles and short papers dealing with topics such as Controlled Drug Release Systems, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacogenomics, Biopharmaceuticals, Drug & Prodrug Design, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Drug Stability & Quality Control, Pharmaceutical Engineering & Materials Science, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacognosy, Natural Product Research, Administration Of New Drugs, Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry & Molecular Drug Design, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Practice, Clinical & Hospital Pharmacy.


6. The Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – TJPR

The TJPR aims to publish original and research articles, meta-analyses and review articles, case stories or unique case studies, book reviews, physiotherapy courses, reports of scientific conferences and professional training sessions, and letters to the editor concerning developments in the fields of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
Research articles often involve rehabilitation approaches for the human body and the possibilities of prevention and treatment as well as the application of various methods of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy (also called physiatry) and rehabilitation (sometimes referred to as rehabilitative medicine), is the branch of medicine that is focused on the prevention, diagnosis as well as treatment of disorders, particularly in the brain, bones, muscles and nerves, that can result in temporary or permanent impairment. This field of medicine treats and serves in improving the ability of people to function optimally within limits imposed on them by a crippling impairment or disease process for which there is no known cure.
The mission of TJPR is to publish authentic and original research and to establish a database for researchers and clinicians for the implementation of research results into the clinical practice of physiotherapy. The TJPR aims to be the leading international journal undertaking the publishing of world-class physiotherapy research findings.

The fields covered in the TJPR typically include Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Physical Impairments, Disability, Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, Neurorehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics.

7. Natural Volatiles & Essential Oils (NVEO) – Q3 Ranking

The Natural Volatiles & Essential Oils (NVEO) journal aims to highlight research studies on essential oils (EO) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of microbial / plant origin, which are used in a growing number of sectors such as health, cosmetics, agrifood and more recently agronomy. Research over the past five decades has generated substantial knowledge about the chemical diversity of volatile substances, as well as their potencies and disadvantages as antimicrobial agents. Nevertheless, owing to the modest in vitro results, the emphasis has been transferred to the capacity for synergizing or potentiating naturally occurring or non-volatile pharmaceutical compounds and modulating gene expression by binding themselves to the mammalian cell receptors’ lipophilic domains. Because essential oils and natural volatiles are minuscule and lipophilic, they prove to have incredible skin penetrating capacities when adequately encapsulated or if extracted from dietary supplements, they gather inside fatty tissue in the body.

This Journal mainly deals with topics such as Chemical compositions of essential oils, Biological activities of essential oils, Alcohols, Aldehydes, Ketones, Aromatic notes, Nerolidol, Linalool, Limonene, Y-Selinene, Non-terpene Compounds, Terpenoids, Phenylpropanoids, Pharmacopeias, Hydrophobia, Phenolic Compounds, Gram-positive & Gram-negative bacteria, Antioxidant Activity, Anti-inflammatory Activity, Cytotoxicity and Allelopathic Activity.

8. AIMS Neuroscience – Q4 Ranking

The AIMS Neuroscience journal is recognized for publishing groundbreaking research articles on every aspect of the clinical and academic study of the human nervous system. As the field grows rapidly, we seek to integrate and relate studies and citations in related sub-fields, providing insight into the state of the art in these fields and how they complement each other. After all, each of us can look at the brain from a particular perspective – from “genes to behavior” – yet the brain integrates all of these levels seamlessly; this journal should reflect that in the best possible way. The research that this journal publishes contributes massively to the innovation and synthesis of novel treatments for neurological conditions.

Areas covered by this journal include Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences, Drug addiction and Addiction Neuroscience, Neuroscience of the Auditory and Vestibular systems, Regenerative Medicine and Neural systems, Visual Neuroscience, Synaptic Plasticity and Learning, Neuropsychiatric Disease, Neuroimaging and Optogenetics.

9. AIMS Medical Science – Q4 Ranking

The AIMs Medical Sciences journal is renowned for publishing high-level, profound and unique research relating to diseases, disease control and mitigation as well as human well-being in general. Typically, those manuscripts that exhibit real potential for spurring reform and change in the medical sciences are considered for publication. This journal serves as a platform for those who have made groundbreaking progress in the medical sciences in terms of identifying potential remedies to age-old diseases, to have their research published, taken notice of and acted upon. The main objective of the review will be to publish clinically relevant information that will directly improve patient care. The journal is dedicated to research, analysis and case reports. Clinicians and researchers are encouraged to send in their clinical work.

This Journal typically covers topics such as Reproductive Biology & Development, Biomedical Pharmacology & Toxicology, Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, Cellular & Molecular Basis of Health & Disease, Cardiovascular Physiology, and Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Biology.

10. Foods and Raw Materials

This journal addresses research topics that have arisen out of the need for the food industry to constantly look for new product ideas that follow global trends, producers combine innovation and tradition in the development of new products. The utilization of innovative raw materials for various purposes is an absolute necessity that has been imposed because of the depletion of conventional raw materials. Research in this discipline is moving towards the innovation of innovative raw material resources, for instance, raw materials that can be used as viable alternatives to sugar and salt, gluten in baked goods, animal proteins and fats, etc.
The utilization of these uncommon raw materials in manufacturing recipes is a significant hurdle for researchers in the discipline, but also in terms of consumer agree-ability and the law. The large number of raw materials coming to the attention of food industry researchers has resulted in the need for this journal. This journal looks forward to the work of researchers immersed in the study of the functional, technological and nutritional characteristics of new materials that can be used in food manufacturing recipes and it looks forward to publishing researchers’ articles addressing new perspectives and challenges in this area.

The topics typically covered by this journal include Nutritional Values, Metabolism, Food Biodiversity, Food Growth & Control, Household & Environmental Factors of Food, Flavor, Chemical & Biochemical Aspects, Bioactive Constituents of Food, Plant Alternatives to Animal Protein, Food Processing, Safety & Security, Food Storage & Distribution, Food Products & Wastage, Food Contaminants & Infections, Agrochemicals and Food Toxicology.

11. Cardiometry

Cardiometry is a biannual open-access electronic journal. It focuses on world-class research in the field of medicine, in particular cardiology as well as the related sciences of biophysics and engineering of medical equipment. Electrical cardiometry is a continuous non-invasive approach to gauging cardiac output, however, insights into the cardiac output of premature infants are limited. This is why fostering high-level research studies and dissemination of the findings of these studies is imperative.

Cardiometry mainly publishes high-quality original articles and reports relating to topics such as the Theory of Functioning of the Cardiovascular System, Principles of Cardiometry, Diagnostic methods in Cardiometry, Therapy of the Cardiovascular System from the point of view of Cardiometry, Systemic & particular approaches to Maintaining Health, Technical Peculiarities of the Development of Cardiometry, The Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy. The interdisciplinary fields that the journal also deals with from time to time include Hemodynamics, Biophysics and Biochemistry.

12. Eurasian Chemical Communications – ECC

The ECC journal is recognized for publishing theoretical, experimental as well as applied research articles on all the sub-disciplines within the field of chemistry. With the World Wide Web being such an expansive and diverse medium, every area of ​​the Internet is experiencing tremendous growth during the current century. But researchers still have to wait a long time before publishing their research articles in reputable journals. To overcome this inconvenience, the ECC journal has launched this online research journal with the sole objective of publishing and disseminating authentic, innovative research in the field of chemistry, as well as all areas of applied and theoretical chemistry.
By its foundational objectives, the ECC journal emphasizes the various aspects of the basics and applications of the discipline of chemistry. The primary intention of the ECC journal is to facilitate and foster the exchange of knowledge between researchers and engineers from various parts of the globe.

Some of the areas that the journal covers include Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Effects Of Chemical Drugs, Medicinal Studies Of Synthetic Drugs, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Neurochemical Research, Clinical Chemistry, Chemical Pathology, Computational Chemistry and Mathematical Chemistry.

13. Chemical Methodologies

The Chemical Methodologies journal is an interdisciplinary journal that is recognized for publishing high-level, authentic and groundbreaking research on development methods in the discipline of Chemistry. In Chemistry, there are often manuscripts that describe methods or even instrument developments that are not suitable for traditional journals in chemistry or chemical engineering. This journal, therefore, addresses these subjects. Although other journals focus on the development of theoretical methods, they often have a fairly narrow view of what constitutes a new theoretical method. The Chemical Methods journal, on the other hand, provides a place to publish broadly defined computational methods, including automated workflows, tools, interfaces, etc., which are often hidden in supplemental information in application documents, in addition to more traditional papers on ‘methods development.

This Journal typically covers topics such as Electron Microscopy, Microfluidics, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Reaction Studies, Operando Infrared Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Sensors and Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction, Systems Modeling, Accelerated Fluorescence Microscopy, X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Batteries, Catalysis, Reaction Mechanisms and Dynamics of Structures.

14. AIP Conference Proceedings

The AIP Conference Proceedings journal aims to publish conference proceedings on theories and methods in the fields of mathematics, physical sciences, chemistry, physical sciences, engineering and materials sciences. The objective of this journal is to publish high-quality, innovative and extremely profound research papers that provide both authors and readers with the ideal combination of academic inspiration and professional advancement. The journal cannot accomplish its mission without the contribution of authors who write and produce articles of the highest quality. It continues to develop a community of professionals and experts with backgrounds in a variety of fields and from different regions of countries. Authors who present at international conferences have the opportunity to present their work online and secure their intellectual property rights. The publication of every proceeding is facilitated by the conference organizers and as a result, absolutely no additional publication fees are necessary.

This Journal typically covers topics like Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Physical Sciences, Engineering and Materials Sciences.

15. The Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management – BJOPM

The BJOPM’s sole objective is to publish pioneering, innovative research work that can dramatically advance the field of operations and production management both in theory as well as in practice. Drawing on experiences from the manufacturing and service sectors in both private and public contexts, BJOPM has become a globally recognized resource in a complex and increasingly important field of business management.
Methodologically, BJOPM covers the full range of empirical survey modes using appropriate research frameworks, provided that they demonstrate generic information of significant value for operations management and production management. The BJOPM does not categorically exclude certain empirical methodologies, with the exception, however, of parts of purely mathematical modeling. Regardless of the survey mode or the methods used, the key issues are the relevance of the methodology, the clarity in the way the study was conducted and the thoroughness in the application of the methods. It is important for every journal submission that focuses directly on operations and production management and related topics.
Although the journal does encourage submissions that borrow from related disciplines, the journal expects that the major portion of the input is concentrated on the primary areas of ​​operations and production management.

Some of the topics that BJOPM deals with include Sustainable Operations & Production Management, Lean Management, Quality Management & Operations Excellence, Innovation & New Product Development, Operations & Production Development Strategy, Logistics & Operations Management, Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing, Global Operations & Supply Chains, Service Operations, Big Data & New Technologies, Behavioural genetic Operations Management, Risk Management & Resilience, Contribution Of Performance Measurement to Operations & Production Management.

16. International Transaction Journal of Engineering Management & Applied Sciences & Technologies – ITJEMAST

ITJEMAST – The International Transaction Journal of Engineering Management & Applied Sciences & Technologies is a widely recognized journal. The objective of this journal is to serve as an all-around platform that facilitates the exchange of ideas and know-how between researchers engaged in the fields of management, technology, engineering, applied sciences and their applications. Authors are invited to contribute to ITJEMAST by submitting articles that illustrate research results, projects, investigative work, reviews and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in science, engineering, technology and management.

This Journal usually covers topics like Advanced Computer Architecture, Broadband Wireless Technologies, Communication Systems, Digital Communication & Security, Electromagnetic Transient Programs, Embedded Systems, Field Theory, Financial Planning & Analysis, Infrastructure Financing, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Computer Science, E-Commerce, Social Impact of Business, Genetics, Plant Biology, Entomology, Environmental Psychology, Parasitology, Biofortification, Nutrition & Nutritional Management, Plant Biophysics & Modeling, Real & Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Analytical Number Theory and Complex Analysis.

16. Migration Letters – Quartile ranking: Q2

ISSN: 1741-8984 | e-ISSN: 1741-8992, Scopus and Web of Science Indexed.
Migration Letters is a leading scholarly multidisciplinary academic open-access journal for researchers, students, and scholars who investigate human migration as well as practitioners and quick dissemination of research in the field through its letter-type format enabling concise sharing of short accounts of research, debates, case studies, book reviews and viewpoints in this multidisciplinary field of social sciences.

Migration Letters follows a double-blind peer review policy. and is Q2 ranked in the Quartile list.  Additionally, the journal is indexed in major databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, EBSCO, and Google Scholar. Submit your research papers for publication.

These are the list of Low-Cost Journals indexed on the Web of Science. For more details of the journals mentioned above and to get to know what all journals are Web of Science indexed currently visit the ARDA Conference which is one of the leading platforms for all the conference alerts and ARDA publications for Journal Publications.

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