List of Web of Science Indexed Journals 2023

Are you looking for journals focusing especially on science and technology to get your years of hard work on research to get published in 2023 but do not have any idea about the Web of Science Journals? Don’t worry, we have got your back. Let’s look at what it is and what the journals indexed in the web of science along with their significance.

List of Web of Science Journals

Some things and details are to be taken into consideration before getting your work published in a journal such as Journal Impact Factor. Getting a journal publication by attending an international conference is one way to go. Highly reputed and enshrined with innovations, discoveries and knowledge in the fields, here are a few Web of Science Journals.

1. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management – BJOPM

This prestigious multidisciplinary journal, as its name suggests is slightly biased with its focus on works on applied research in the areas of economic and financial management, Ergonomics and Safety, Information Technology, Operational Research, Environmental Management, Planning and Production Control, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilities, Technology and Innovation, Technology and Information systems, Environmental Management and Organization and Strategy.  This DOAJ, Web of Science and Google Scholar Indexed Journal is relentlessly working with a mission to provide an internationally respected stream for original and relevant research works.

2. Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology

All the people put their efforts into the field of zoology including the structure, evolution, embryology, classification of both living and extinct animals and their interaction with their ecosystems. The journal also encourages useful negative results in the study.

3. Indian Journal of Forensic medicine & Toxicology

Being a double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access international journal, the Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is published quarterly. The journal focuses on Forensic Medicine, Forensic Science, Toxicology, DNA Fingerprinting, Sexual Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Forensic Pathology, Forensic Anthropology, Legal Medicine and Public Health Laws. This is an open-access journal that willfully encourages research in new and upcoming concepts, case reports, original articles and review articles from developing countries and has zero tolerance for plagiarism. This prestigious journal is also known to be indexed and abstracted by various databases.

4. Foods and Raw Materials

The food and Raw Materials journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed, scientific journal with a focus on a wide range of issues in the food industry. Although the main focus of the journal is on informing the scientific community about the works of researchers from Russia and other countries. The priority of the journal is to strengthen the presence of the achievement of science and highlight the results of promising ideas in the areas of food and allied industries. This journal is published in the English language by Kemerovo State University.

5. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International

Another best journal in the field of medical, health science and pharmaceutical science, the journal of pharmaceutical research international requires less than 20% of plagiarism and is indexed in ESCI – the Web Of Science.

6. Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – Q4

Covering topics and papers from all the domains, the Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is indexed in both Scopus and ESCI – the Web Of Science and requires less than 25% plagiarism.

Health care conferences

7. Vidhya Bharati International Interdisciplinary Research Journal

As the name implies, the journal accepts work from a variety of fields and is dedicated to paving a better path for the future. The Vidhya Bharati International Interdisciplinary Research Journal is open access, online journal that accepts works with a plagiarism rate of up to 25% and publishes within 30 days. Well known for its high-quality publications, the journal is indexed in ASI, Germany, and ISI and has been recently included in the Master Journal list of the prestigious Web of Science Group. Being indulged in all the disciplines and fields of studies the core collection of the web of science is the diamond of the web of science platform.

8. Cardiometry

This esteemed journal in the field of medicine has its eyes set on research, articles and allied works that focus on the theories of Cardiovascular System Functioning, Principles of Cardiometry, its Diagnostic Methods, Cardiovascular System Therapy from the aspect of Cardiometry, System and Particular approaches to maintaining health, Engineering Peculiarities in Cardiometry Development and Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy. The journal also consists of a few interdisciplinary areas such as Hemodynamics, Biophysics and Biochemistry. Also, the journal is known to be indexed in Google Scholar, EBSCO, Copernicus, and ASI and is published Biannually.

9. Advances in Pharmacology and Pharmacy

This peer-reviewed international journal functions to publish original and high-quality research papers in the fields of pharmacology and Pharmacy. The Advances in Pharmacology and Pharmacy journal has its scope extended but not limited to the areas of Behavioral Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Legislation and Safety, Neuropharmacology, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacy Informatics, Theoretical Pharmacology, Veterinary Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology, Environmental Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Toxicology, Psychopharmacology, Nuclear Pharmacy, Pharmacogenetics and many more. This prestigious journal is very clear about its guidelines and has an acceptance rate of only 16%.

10. Eurasian Chemical Communications (ECC)

Launched by the Sami Publishing Company in 2019, The Eurasian Chemical Communications is a double peer-reviewed journal functioning to provide a platform for researchers across the globe to share their works in the field of Chemistry. The journal is welcoming to original works in the areas of Chemical Engineering, Experimental, Theoretical and applied. This open-access journal which is published monthly is indexed in numerous databases such as Google Scholar, Web of Science, World Cat, ICI World of Journals, DOI and many more.

11. International Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Applications – Q4

Engineering and Management Papers (In the papers there must be Mathematics formulas or algorithms or mathematical models)
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