Fast Publishing Google Scholar Journals at Low Cost 2024

Fast publishing Google Scholar Journals at low cost

Google Scholar – The Academic Database With The Best Interdisciplinary Coverage

When it comes to coverage amongst the three – Google Scholar, Web of Science and Scopus across disciplines on comparing the number of publications indexed or their average number of citations for sample papers, authors or journals, it is clear that Google Scholar consistently returns a higher number of publications and citations. The number of citations from various sources positively correlates with the number of Google Scholar citations at various levels of aggregation.

Google Scholar could even be marginally better suited than Web of Science or Scopus for finding citations for specific types of documents. Google Scholar is only marginally better because all three databases provide essentially the same citation document-level rankings in most subject categories.

Google Scholar finds many more citations than Web of Science Core Collection and Scopus in all areas. Almost all citations found by Web of Science and Scopus can also be found by Google Scholar, which also can identify a substantial amount of unique citations that cannot be found by other databases. Particularly when it comes to the areas of Social Sciences, Humanities, Business, Economics and Management and Literature & Arts, unique Google Scholar citations exceed just over half of all citations.

1. International Journal of Engineering Research in Computer Science & Engineering – IJERCSE

This journal publishes high-quality articles on all aspects of the high-level computer science and engineering research being carried out by visionary researchers and engineers all across the globe. The main objective of IJERCSE is to be an authoritative international journal that disseminates the findings of both theoretical and innovative applied research in the fields of Computer Science and Engineers. IJERCSE publishes original research contributions, surveys and experimental studies about the biggest scientific advances in these fields. In doing so, IJERCSE brings together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on advancements in computer science and computer engineering and to establish new collaborations in these fields. Original research articles from all fields of computer science and computer engineering are identified and published in quick time, making this one of the fastest publishing Google Scholar journals of all.

IJERCSE covers all subjects related to IT and Engineering with particular emphasis on the following areas embedded computing, ubiquitous computing, convergence calculation, green computing, human computing, and intelligent computing.

2. International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics & Communication Engineering – IJERECE

The International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics & Communication Engineering aims to educate practicing professional engineers who have been involved in electronics and communications by providing coverage of new developments from a serious technical perspective but not in an excessively formal or academic manner that makes learning about the pioneering research findings published within, unengaging and stale. IJERECE is a scholarly journal that publishes original research articles in the fields of systems & devices for electronics, Theoretical & Practical Design of Circuits and Signal Processing & Communication to name a few. The journal analyses an extensive range of fundamental, theoretical as well as applied challenges in electron physics, radio engineering and communication. It publishes original articles produced by researchers from major scientific and research centers the world over.

This journal covers all the essential branches of electromagnetism, wave propagation theory, signal processing, transmission lines, telecommunications, semiconductor physics, physical processes within applications in biology, electronic devices, nanoelectronics, microelectronics and medicine and emission of electrons & ions.

3. International Journal of Engineering Research in Electrical & Electronic Engineering – IJEREEE

This renowned journal’s objective is to foster widespread academic interest in the field of electrical and electronic engineering, along with its various intersections with physics. The journal publishes original research articles with an emphasis on theoretical and experimental work. Contributions that are fundamental to the development of electrical and electronic engineering and its applications are accepted, thoroughly vetted for originality, edited and then published. IJEREEE is an interdisciplinary and application-oriented scientific publication that offers researchers and doctoral students the opportunity to disseminate their new and original scientific and research contributions in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. Articles are professionally reviewed and the selection is based solely on the quality of the research as well as the following criteria – the article succinctly presents the authors’ research findings, the article content has not been submitted or published elsewhere, the article has been written in the English language (keeping in mind academic sentencing norms) as well as the fact that the article includes in the reference section, the list articles already published in recent years in the IJEREEE which present similar research results.

Some of the topics covered are acoustics, speech & signal processing, wireless & mobile communication, control systems, transport equipment, antennas & propagation, circuits & systems, communication, high power semiconductors, electronic appliances, telecommunications, image processing, vehicle technology, electrical machinery, surface detection systems, transmission & conversion, information theory, semiconductors, lasers & electro-optics, microprocessors, power systems, surface detection technologies, robotics & automation, control theory & industrial controls.

4. International Journal of Engineering Research in Mechanical & Civil Engineering – IJERMCE

This journal publishes both original theoretical and experimental research papers that explore or exploit innovative ideas and procedures in three main fields – structural engineering, materials mechanics as well as materials science. IJERMCE’s sole mission is to propel the science of structural engineering by emphasizing mechanical systems, machines and structures. The journal also encourages advancements in the field of materials mechanics, publishing the latest research findings in rheology, elasticity, fracture mechanics, plasticity and fatigue. The third area that IJERMCE focuses on is materials sciences, with a special priority on composites and metals (amongst many other elements), their structures and properties as well as evaluation methods. IJERMCE functions on the principles of publishing the most exciting research concerning the challenges being discovered and solved in the fields of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. The second principle that IJERMCE functions on is providing a fast turnaround time to edit, review and publish articles.

The topics that this journal deals in are mechanics, thermodynamics, material sciences, civil engineering, infrastructure and bridges.

5. International Journal of Science, Engineering & Management – IJSEM

This journal publishes scientific research on the latest developments and practices in management and engineering sciences, with an emphasis on modeling, optimization, computation and data analysis for identifying and solving management challenges, making business decisions as well as dealing with potential risks in convoluted management systems. IJSEM strives to stimulate research resulting from the interconnection of technological upheavals, the evolution of the atlas of the world economy and the common challenges facing humans today. This journal serves the global management and engineering science community, including everyone from researchers and practitioners to educators, students, industry professionals and others. IJSEM encourages studies addressing research questions based on management and business practices, work focusing on new management topics arising from social and technological progress as well as interdisciplinary research and cross-cutting studies in management and business. The journal also welcomes empirical and theoretical contributions.

The primary subjects covered in IJSEM are Social & Economic Modeling, Complex Management & Economic Systems, Technology Management, Management of Technological Infrastructure Costs, Business & Management Analysis specific to Engineering, Decision Making in Engineering Projects, Forecasting & Analysis in Technology Infrastructure Planning, Operations Management & Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Information Systems & e-Business, Financial Engineering & Risk Management, Transport Systems & Management, Project & Program Management.

6. Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology

The Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology is a journal that’s devoted to publishing and disseminating the best, most profound and groundbreaking experimental and comparative research on animal science. It serves as a consolidated platform for all researchers who take an explicitly organism oriented and integrative stance on the examination of animal form, evolution, function and development. The Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology journal encourages the submission of pioneering research papers that take either a comparative or experimental approach to ecological physiology, behavior and neurobiology, cell biology, functional morphology, as well as evolution and development. Because of the increasing awareness of the fact that most animals tend to exist in symbiosis with other organisms, this journal encourages article researchers to submit articles that center on the exploration of this topic.

The topics that this journal deals with include anatomy, ecology, physiology, genomics, developmental biology, phylogenetics, arachnology, herpetology, ichthyology, apiology, zoosemiotics, vector molecular biology, molecular endocrinology, parasitology, paleozoology, planctology, primatology, zooarchaeology, systematics & genetics, arthropodology, etc.

7. Natural Volatiles & Essential Oils (NVEO) – Q3 Ranking

NVEO – The Natural Volatiles & Essential Oils journal critically examines the modern paradigm of natural volatiles and essential oils for various applications but primarily in medical aromatherapy. Over the past few decades, on basis of the improved convenience of chemical experimentation and analysis of volatile compounds, there have been never before several academic publications that are highlighting the chemistry of essential oils derived from diverse flora found all across the planet. In light of this, volatile organic compounds must be reconsidered as a potential remedy for cardiovascular disease. Given the modern understanding of biology, the science of naturally occurring volatiles may have to be reconsidered in the context of health and nutrition.

This journal covers areas such as medical aromatherapy, hydro distillation, chemotypes, chemogenetics of essential oils & solvent, extracts, cohabitation, the pharmacokinetics of volatile organic compounds, essential oils ingested & inhaled, transport proteins, phenotypic plasticity, regulation of mammalian genes & immunomodulation, safety & chemoprevention with volatile organic compounds, etc.

8. AIMS Medical Science – Q4 Ranking

The sole intention of the AIMS Medical Science journal is to aid the exchange of critical know-how and knowledge in the medical sciences and also to publish pioneering and groundbreaking clinical, fundamental and educational research in these and associated fields. Through these activities, the AIMS Medical Science journal hopes to actively support the mentorship, research activities and projects of future generations of medical academics and researchers. The journal is devoted to assisting and encouraging researchers to carry out high-level research studies and promote their careers in medicine by publishing their findings in the AIMS Medical Science journal.

This journal covers areas such as biomedical engineering, cardiovascular research, clinical cancer research, clinical pharmacology, dentistry dermatology, dietetics, bone & joint diseases, endocrinology, endocrinology, environmental toxicology, epidemiology, ethology, gynaecology, immunopathology, infectious diseases, internal medicine, statistics brain physiology, neurology, nutrition research, etc.

9. Law, State and Telecommunications Review – LSTR

The journal is recognized globally for publishing high-level legal and interdisciplinary analyses on telecommunications and communications, focusing on a range of topics (mentioned below). The manuscripts that are submitted to be considered for publication in this journal all go through a rigorous peer-review process by anonymous arbitration of independent expert arbitrators. The journal brings together high-quality legal analysis and interdisciplinary telecommunications research with a focus on regulation, technology, policy and legal framework.

The areas that this journal specializes in include focus include the policy & regulation of communications services, telecommunications services, internet-based services & rights, universal access, privacy, telecommunications licensing, convergence, regulatory design, satellite & spectrum regulation, independent agencies, deregulation, e-commerce, big data, net neutrality, regulatory approach to telecommunications from the perspective of environmental law, antitrust law, labor law, tax law, consumer protection & urban law.

10. Acta Innovations

The ACTA Innovations journal is a multidisciplinary journal that deals with research development, discovery and innovation in the disciplines of food management, the environment and energy. This journal’s objective is to promote the rapid dissemination and discourse between scientists, scholars, researchers and engineers engaged in the fields of energy, environmental engineering and food management. The journal focuses on activities relating to the development, evaluation and management of programs related to energy, food management and environmental engineering.

Some of the areas that the journal covers include input-output analyses relating to energy-consuming systems, careful evaluations of resources or reserves of all types, conservation measures, incisive assessment of energy systems management, bioreactions & bioengineering, geothermal energy, marine & hydroelectric power, nuclear power, solar power, wind power, energy conversion, energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy resource assessment & transport, government policies & societal impacts of wastewater collection & treatment, fate & transport of contaminants in watersheds, management & control of hazardous waste, control & monitoring of air pollution & acid deposition, airshed management, design & management of solid waste facilities, etc.

11. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management – BJOPM

The BJOPM’s sole objective is to publish pioneering, innovative research work that can dramatically advance the field of operations and production management, both in theory as well as in practice. Drawing on experiences from the manufacturing and service sectors in both private and public contexts, BJOPM has become a globally recognized resource in a complex and increasingly important field of business management. Methodologically, BJOPM covers the full range of empirical survey modes using appropriate research frameworks, provided that they demonstrate generic information of significant value for operations management and production management. The BJOPM does not categorically exclude certain empirical methodologies with the exception, however, of parts of purely mathematical modeling. Regardless of the survey mode or the methods used, the key issues are the relevance of the methodology, the clarity in the way the study was conducted and the thoroughness in the application of the methods. It is important for every journal submission that focuses directly on operations and production management and related topics. Although the journal does encourage submissions that borrow from related disciplines, the journal expects that the major portion of the input is concentrated on the primary areas of ​​operations and production management.

Some of the topics that BJOPM deals with include sustainable operations & production management, lean management, quality management & operations excellence, innovation & new product development, operations & production development strategy, logistics & operations management, purchasing & strategic sourcing, global operations & supply chains, service operations, big data & new technologies, behavioral genetic operations management, risk management & resilience, the contribution of performance measurement to operations & production management.

These are a few of the journals indexed in Google Scholar. For more details of the journals mentioned above such as requirements, the field of work, etc and to get to know what all journals are Google Scholar indexed currently visit ARDA Conference is one of the leading platforms for all the conference alerts and journal publications.

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